Once you submit to the competition...

What happens to your script?

1. Your script is automatically logged into our database; all submitted materials are accepted on a strictly confidential, secure, and private basis. Your script does not go outside our system.

2. It's assigned to our genre-appropriate professional analysts for a thorough, page-by-page reading. Every scene, every line of dialogue, every word of your script is read.

3. Your script is then given a comprehensive written 10-point analysis with a focus upon these key professional criteria:

  • Character Protagonists’ motivations need to be identified and developed from the standpoint of goals, back-story, psychology.
  • Conflict The essence of the narrative, challenging the characters, progressing through levels of tension, forcing character changes.
  • Marketability The potential for a sale, box office draw, and both domestic and foreign sales potential.
  • Dialogue Realistic and distinguishable character “voice,” driven by character wants, desires, and motivations.
  • Emotional Investment Strong emotional impact that keeps the reader engaged and invested into the outcome of the characters.
  • Theme/Premise Avoidance of derivative storylines, a unique perspective within the genre, lack of predictability.
  • Pacing Appropriate page count, scenes that propel the action, progress the plot; a balance between dialogue and action in scenes that transition logically.
  • Structure/Plot The beginning, middle, and end. Situation, complication, resolution. The use of structural devices within scenes and sequences (flashbacks/forwards, reversals, twists, time limits, etc).
  • Tone Focused, consistant, and appropriate dialogue, characters, scenes, situations, and structure for the genre (comedy, drama, horror, action, etc)
  • Concept What is unique about the story? What separates it from the other films in it's genre space? What element of the story will attract an audience?

Each of these elements is analyzed, studied, and scored in detail by multiple analysts when you enter your script.

Read a Sample of Our Advanced Analysis Below

*Some information on the sample Advanced Analysis is "blacked out" in order to protect the privacy of the writer and content








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