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We’re happy to accept a revised draft within 48 hours of your initial submission. Simply submit it directly via email to, and your revised draft will be manually entered into the scoring system. Beyond 48 hours, however, your script is well on its way to being read page-by-page by multiple professional readers and judges. While we understand that the nature of professional screenwriting involves ongoing rewrites, once your script is making its way through the judging pipeline, beyond the initial 48-hour period, it’s not possible to modify it or pull it out of competition consideration. If your script has significant changes that you want judges to consider, please resubmit as a “new” entry.

A title page or cover is recommended, but not required to enter the screenplay contest.


Yes, with proper attribution to the original source material and to the original author. “Based upon…”  It’s highly recommended that you acquire the rights to adapt the work of another writer before you being work on your screenplay.

The title of your screenplay, your name, and direct contact information. While it’s recommended that you acquire WGA registration, it is not required, nor should you indicate such registration on the cover page.




After you upload your material in a PDF file and remit the submission fee for entry into the screenplay contest, you will promptly receive an email confirmation of your submission. All materials received are immediately registered in our database and attributed directly to the applicant. If you ever have a question as to whether or not your screenplay has been received by us, simply send us a brief email and ask for personal confirmation.

If your script has been optioned or purchased, you will not be eligible for the cash prizes but you will eligible to make the Official Selection process. Award winning screenplays must be unencumbered and available for either option, purchase, further development, or production. The professional opportunities for Official Selections in this screenplay contest are unique among all competitions.

No. If you win the grand prize, you will be tendered a check in the amount of the cash prize, along with an offer to purchase agreement, with any and all terms to be negotiated in good faith.  You are not obligated to accept the offer to purchase, and are free to sell, option, or develop your winning screenplay with any parties, studios, or production companies of your choosing.

Please don’t.  Due to storage, filing, and return issues, we only accept paperless PDF online submissions. Materials mailed or delivered to us will be discarded and unopened.

Yes, as long as the script was not a cash award winner in this screenplay contest. If you have made revisions or rewrites, we encourage you to submit the new draft as it may have an even better chance at winning or placing well in the competition.

Yes. Multiple submissions are welcomed and will be considered independently throughout the screenplay contest by Awards Judges. Many writers submit multiple scripts to improve their chances of winning.




A thorough evaluation of each and every script submitted to the screenplay contest requires careful reading, analysis, and scoring. We make every effort to announce Semifinalists, Finalists, and Winners as soon as possible after the closing deadline of each screenplay competition, generally within 30 days following the final deadline. While you can save money by entering any competition early (independent research data indicates that early submissions generally score higher than last-minute submissions), the final deadline for each competition is clearly noted on the website. Deadlines are firm at midnight of the last published date.

The Pro Analysis package is delivered within 10-14 days. Advanced Analysis work–because it often involves multiple reader-analysts–requires 14-21 days (and the extra time is well worth it).

No. Cash Prizes to the winners of all screenplay contests are paid in gross dollar amounts. Any and all taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

Our Executive Offices are located in the Los Angeles area. Judges and analysts are from across the U.S. and around the English-speaking world (England, Ireland, Germany, Australia). In-person “drop-off” submissions are not permitted, as that would interfere with our daily scheduling, reading, analysis, and administrative duties. No contact with judges is permitted during the competition season; Grand Prize Winners may be invited to meet with specific judges at the conclusion of the judging period.

Yes, absolutely. Each and every script submitted during the competition season is thoroughly read page-by-page.


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