Screenplay Finalist: Anhtuan Doventry

I was suicidal from the age of 12 to 42. In January of 2023 I finally got help. After an intense 10 weeks and 400 hours of therapy, writing spilled out. I wrote Reunion for myself. It helped me process the pain and trauma that flowed through my family. Then as I read it to friends, I realized that the story needed to be told to the world. The world needed to see the pain and suffering that happens when war is imposed on everyday people. 

After I finished the first draft of Reunion, other stories slowly found their way to me and I knew I needed to keep writing. I tell stories that focus on small individual relationships amidst the backdrop of some of the most painful pieces of society. 

Ultimately, I write so that people can feel. When they feel, they can process and let it go. When they let it go, hopefully, they can live a more peaceful life.

 Thank you LA Screenplay Awards for an avenue to share some of my stories!!

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