Screenplay Finalist: Coli Sylla

The informer tells the story of Garland Ward, an Air Force vet reeling from the death of his younger brother Teddy Ward which sets the series in motion. After inquiring about the circumstances surrounding his brother’s death,  he becomes convinced that all is not what it appears to be and sets off on his own investigation which in turn rubs the higher ups the wrong way and jeopardizes long standing friendships in doing so. 

The Informer came together when the co-creator Sherese and I started brainstorming ideas after a lengthy conversation about the types of shows we’d like to see. Our tastes are so different that what came together with The Informer was a combination of the type of programming she likes and the type of programming I like. It was an opportunity to create characters who live in a world where they are constrained by policy and procedure all while dealing with such profound tragedy. Any time you get the opportunity to create in that space, you have all the ingredients needed to tell a dynamic story with characters that are flesh and blood.

Coli Sylla – Diversity Finalist

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