Screenplay Winner: Kac Youg

Imagine the moment of opening your laptop and discovering that screenplay you slaved over won First Place in The Los Angeles International Diversity Screenwriting Contest. It’s none other than pure exhilaration when, in one second, all of your hard work pays off and you’re a winner. 

When I wrote Loving Out Loud, it was for two reasons. Meaningful love can come at any moment, to anyone in any form. If you recognize it, grab the opportunity, and don’t look back. This person could be your soulmate. Even if there is societal push-back, go for it anyway. 

My true story is about sustaining that love through the challenging bumps of life; the highs, the very lows, and times you have to marshall all your strength and fight like a gladiator for who you love and what you believe. 

First Place winning screenwriter,  Kac Young

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