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Diversity vi QF

Title Writer “Ban the Bullet” Salvatore Riggio A Love Forgotten Bradley Gaurano A Seeping Wound Darryl Wimberley Afflicted Mariyam Mahbub Afro & Apollo Curtis Baxter Anansi and the Chest of Stories Ayinde I Ricco Aswabena: The Beauty of Wealth Dennis … Continue reading

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Fall 2023 QF

Title Writer “Hopscotch” Craig McCabe “It Happened On A Tuesday” Craig McCabe 26 Year Old Widow Gracie Strawn 30 Minutes From Nowhere Brian Stransky 80 and OUT Steve Fisher A Bloodstained Noose Christian Foley A Born Fighter Antoine Therrien A … Continue reading

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Diversity v QF

Title Writer A Sorcerer’s Apprentice Autumn Cavender & Scott Ryan Animal Rights Louise Wilson Apache Street Sal Baldenegro Archie B. Walker & the Infinite Zeitgeist Warren Jones Ayzn Evangeline Palting BUNTLINE AND CODY Joe Wolff Cancelled? Thomas Ferguson Christmas Spirits … Continue reading

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Summer 2023 QF

Name Title Adam Brandy One Magic Season Alda Petitti The Road Home Alejandra Decurgez Dream On Alex Lyras Universal Alex Martini Look What You Made Me Do Alexis Krasilovsky Tuki the Tiger Alicia Pozsony Survivor Allan Roberts Blinky Alpha Blair … Continue reading

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Diversity iv QF

Name Title Adam Jay Ung Delulu AJ Currie Nightingale Alejandro Gabriel Leopardi & Sean McKenzie Stay Out Allyson Rice The Key To Circus-Mom Highway  Amer Nazir Clubland Amisha Upadhyaya Amato Andrea Ditch Dancing in The Wind Angie Antoine Maudie Rousseau … Continue reading

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Spring 2023 QF

Writer Title Aaron Carlson Gathering Storm Adam Seidel California Adam Seidel SALESMEN FROM TOPEKA Adam Wagner Dark Time Aidan Terre Moretti La Pianista AJ Tucker Chicago’s Most Wanted Pilot Alan Larson A BLIND EYE Alan Larson ESCAPE FROM JURY DUTY … Continue reading

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Diversity III QF

Title Writer 145 King East Firdaus F. Bilimoria A Kiwi Kind of Christmas Kate Powis A Sip from your coffee Neha Shrivastava A Tale of Reckoning Michael Lance Ritter Against His Will Steven Keith Bogart Alta California Lynn Elliott America … Continue reading

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TITLE WRITER A Good Death Ashleigh Rains Absolution Rieve Stanford Act Naturally Trevor Garner Acts of Mercy Reed Rodgers Adderall HD Joshua Scammell Adversity E.J. Eccles & Roy Smith After What Happened at the Library* Kyle Casey Chu Alternative Education … Continue reading

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Diversity II QF

TITLE WRITER A Beginner’s Guide to Adulting Joenique Rose A TRAIL OF DIAMONDS Roopal Badheka Adolescents Joel Michalak & Andrea  M. Jensen Arcane Grove Tim O’Leary Big, Scary Animals Andrew Gilchrist Billy Joshua Rose Bingo Hollabouth Francesco Capussela Blind Justice … Continue reading

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2022 FALL QF

TITLE WRITER NAME 6 INCHES Julius  Mendez 79 Kacy Boccumini A Beautiful Improbability Guilherme Viegas A Flash of Green Edward Nachtrieb A Midsummer Night’s Play Eric Johnson A New Class Chad Stalder A Place in the World Michael Stern A … Continue reading

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