AJ CurrieSlit
Andrew AllenVinland Odyssey
Austin SayreQuarter-Life Crisis
Bradley SigesmundThe Balls
Calissa PalmerThe Hairy Hunchback Monster
Claudia DatoA Pill To Die For
Claudia DatoA Pill To Die For
Deborah SerraOutside the Lines
Dimitrios AletrasAbstract Faces
Emelie SvenssonShaka
Frank KyazzeNova Hunters
Fred G StemmeA Siren’s Sweet Whisper
Frederick MooreCleaver (CLVR)
Gabriel MalasigAmerican Retail
Gurachi  PhoenixThe Caravan Bazaar
Hannah SilvermanOffspring
James BarnesFigure Me Out
Kelvin C.  BiasWHYOMING
Lawrence DalyCamouflage and Lipstick
Marcia McNairGhettocyrano
Michael Alan ElliottIn Self Defense ? 
Ramona TaylorStone’s Compass
Robert CeckaMercy Train
Rohan GuptaHurry Up, I’m Dreaming
Rusty Ralph H LemorandeYou Have Seen Their Faces
Sarah DasseroYou Saved Me
Sharif DuncanHoly Waters
Stephanie BastAS I AM
Tony GonzalezNo Small Thing
Troy ToorieI Never Knew Me (Contest Submission)
Vince GrittaniNelsons Cove

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