2017 Semi Finalists

3D at the Palace – Kent Wilson
Absolution – Janet J. Lawler
After Alcatraz – Kevin Bruce
Badger Legion – Adam Smestad
Becoming Picasso – Bonnie Maffei
Blooming Stone – Russell Beneke
Broadband – Bonnie Cahoon
Children of the Dust – John McCarney
Colonials – Ian Fletcher
Copa Cabana Project – Jessica Pappas
Cuba Libre – Ruth Halaj Reitan
Dandelion Wishes – Ally May
Darwin Towers – Jan Neumin
Destiny Book 1 – Randy Morgan
Dumbbellz – Joshua Cummings
End of Life – Sean Collins-Smith
Getting to the Garden – Steven Papineau
Grace and Vengeance – James Carlson
Hello Love – James Tapp
Inspired – David Lawrence Lynch
Insurrection – Simon Bowler 
If I Didn’t Care: The Story of The Ink Spots – Tommy Wood
It happened the night before Christmas – D.D. Shoenenberger
Joseph – Marina Albert
Joining up – John Jack McGuire
Karl – Brian Comerford
Leather Apron – Nicholas Black
Leave – Alysha Haran
Lion of Judah – Ben Rose
Madness – Cory Huizar
Matter – Abolaji Abimbola
Melissa of the Bathtub – Everett Irving
Missing Persons – Chris Beiszk
Molly Malone – James Vincent
My Generation – Pippa Hinchley
North – Jason Wright
Noteworthy – Jimmy Prosser
Ode to Joy – Nicola Pittam
One Night, One Dollar, One Cup – Adam Ciancio
Outlier – J. Alex Evans
Pale County Limits – Jeremy Pion-Berlin & Adam Linkenhelt
Pay it Backwards – Bonnie Cahoon
Pre-Existing – Dahlia Welsh
Promoted to Hell – Brian Comerford
Purgatorium – Jaimes Carnathan
Rando and the Glitch – Jim Kalergis
Rapture – Donna Banks
Rise of the Unusuals – James Connor
Robert Smalls Great Escape – Bernard Smith
Ruiz – Tony Abbate & Seth Archuleta
Screaming My Heart Out – Janyce Lapore
Seeker of Hell – Chris Ramlochan
Seoul Trinity – Nikita Vasilchenko
Shadow of a Gator – Annie MacDonald
Shanda – Jillian Lauren
Shine Your Eyes – Clint Pearson
Singularity – Joshua Young
The Beast – Peter Dukes
The Boy on the Cover – Elizabeth Sullivan
The Descending – Patricia Harris Seeley & Peter Symons
The Expedition – Rachel Fischer
The Frontier – Shannon Marinko
The Highway – Ryan Mitchell
The Last Bookstore – Brooke Purdy & Colette Freedman
The Long Goodbye – Carmen Pilar Golden
The Monster of Maroussa – Jay McGrath
The Outskirts of Paradise – Montgomery Burt
The Remarkable Rocket – Pippa Hinchley
The Townhouse – David Neal & Oscar Sanchez
The Valley – Duncan Ralston
Those Who Hear – Jarome Velinski
Ultimate Fighter – Heather Thornton
Was – Brian Jude Leahy
Welcome to the Slums – Bryan Young
Who the Fu is Shi Bang Wu – James Ridgley

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