Spring 2023 SF

Alan LambertJourney to Fisterra
Alec GutherzBittersweet
Alexander David RosensteinWar Crimes
Alexandre CarrièreCharlie Copperpot
Alp Atakan AcarHomecide
Alysha HaranThe Ride
Amy Hutchins & Christiane ErwinFORGERY
Andre Alves & Antonio Paz-BezerraBranca
Andrew SteinHeartbreaker
Angelina DobsonRage
Ankush KhemaniA Brief Encounter
Anthony Santos GodinoDrug Mule
Ariel MayerGuilty Conscious
avery koenigEscape from Pet Heaven
Banning K LaryStyle: The Joe Melson Story
Ben Nuttall-SmithMad God of the Toltecs – May 2023
Bernhard ForcherBIRCHLEGS
Billy EricGroup Portrait
Bixby ElliotLove, Mary Todd
Bob PondilloHappy New Year, Mr. Kates!
Brad TraniUnknotted
Brayden DalmazzoneMetal Box
Bruce HickeyPrince of Chicago
Catherine SchandlThe Girl in the Glacier
Chad HutsonLife Through the Lens Pilot
Chic PerkinsGray Matters
Christopher Thompson & Brian CobosWest of Leona
Chuck GordonAlpha Chase
Colleen Aycock & Mark ScottThe Sport: From Gunfights to Prizefights
Craig McCabe“Setting Sun”
Daniel William PeroDire Straits
Dashiell FinleyUntil You Are Loved
David B. GuthrieThe Boys Have Drive
David BrittlesVERBAL
David SchlowThe Silent Room
David SmallwoodIron Butterfly
David VieuxBad Blood
Dee FreemanMISS LOE
Derek  BlockThe Tejano
Don WallaceO’Connell Park
donald wilsonFOR THE LOVE OF RIO
Doug ColemanThe Crossing
Dr Angelina YueThe Light of Hassia
Ella BettarelloHuxley Valley
Emadeldin ElsayedThe Tribe
Eric Victor KelsoSanity Road
Erin Lander-HickmanWhere There’s A Will
Francesco CapusselaGIN-VERSE: “A Ginless Bar”
Gavin McClenaghanSleeper
Geoffrey HansplantAll I Have To Do Is Dream
George AlexanianChivalry
Gregory StallworthCross Wires II
Guy DuckerThe Man Who Killed the World
Guy PridySmudge
Hannah SilvermanOffspring
Hector FrostSAWDUST
Ian StoutThe Way Through
J.G. MayerRock Bottom
J.P. JohnstonOberlin
Jack CoadyA Shooting Star
James DillonFREE RUN (Rev. 4)
Jason LauritsLoves Company
Jayson SutcliffeDark Horse
Jeffrey Rembert & Chet HallToo Many Faces
Jerrad BurfordSTONE IN LOVE
Jerry JeromeThe Spirit of ’76
Jesse DorianSVEN
Jessie CohenThe Monks
Jill GodleyBreaking Barriers
JJ Wienkers-AlvendiaGHOSTING
John AcquavivaOff the Mat
john cooneyA Kind of Guilt
Jonathan Cardell SimsSuper Nova
Jonathan GrayGrace of God
Jordan SchiffFollow Me 
Julia Anderson PulverVOTE for WOMEN
Julia Ward & Bookie DanielsThe Trouble With Manee
Julian MartinDeath’s Brother
Julius BarbosaThe Traitor Saint Peter
Kate EmersonHomebody, Over
Kathy Krantz StewartIntegrated Offender
Kyle Andrew HoseaThe Day the Rain Dried
L. Andrew CooperPlanet Bliss
Lachlan PirieEmpire
Laurie Asbourne & Tom PrattOne Mad Apple 
Leanna EllisIn the Year of the Gallows
Lily Malm & Laila MatukSCENT OF MARIGOLD
Lindsay RipleyThe Sunshine State
Lindsay WyathNocturne
Louis StannardChina Diaries
Lyle FeigenbaumIt’s an OK Life
Lyndon McGillHead Games
María del Mar EscribanoSecond Chance
Markham GentileFishing With Elvis
Martina LisecAbove The Bridge
Masha KoThe Looming
Matisse HaddadSkin
Michael BuonocoreMerry Christmas from Mud Mountain
Michael Elliott(I’ll Never Find) Another You.
Michael ElliottNobodys Heroes
Michael GreeneTenant
Michael PapichLimited Hangout
Michael RichterOnly Apparently Real
Michelle LynnThe Silver Slipper Club
Mikael Holcombe-ScaliThe Titanomachy: From Darkness
Monique CurryGunners
Myles LazarouFern
Nanci GaglioTHANK DOG!
Nicole CoxThe Roots of the Tree
Oscar AlcalaLifeless
Paul AndersonA Winter Spring
Peter GallLove Never Dies
Phenice ArielleThe Last Call
Philip ElliottHighway of Tears
Phillip RoquemoreEscape
Prema RoseThe MicroCosmic Cartoon Show
Richard PohlX/WIND
Richie Lee CunninghamThe Spectacular Six
Robert BowersoxGrowing Flowers on the Moon
Robert SalterPanis
Robert Uncles & Matt JohnsonThe Resurrectionists
Robyn LawrenceDissonant Strings
Ronny HenryBroken Glass
Royce JohnsonSoon It Will Be Dead
Ryan BarnesThe Bunker 
SherLann D. MooreWhen the Rooster Cries
Siobhan FinkielmanThe Children of Lilith
Skylier JonesVoid Walker
Solomon Osayande Jr.The Road To Rosarito
Stephen MaddoxJesus Inc.
Steve Brown & Robert RogersInto The Ether
Steven BogartThe Last Skywriter in the Universe
Steven John AustinTHE WHITE TOWER
Steven Keith BogartLeslie and Milton
Suzy Stein & Fernando PerezHow Not To Write a Romance Novel
Tamara SterenIzetta
Tammy Klembith & George KlembithCRIME WAVE
Thomas MorrisElephant in the room
Tom CoinerThe Lake Bird
Tom HolowachThe Overturning Moment
Travis DavidsonSon of a Sheriff
Tyshondra BarnesThe Death   Of Kenneka Jenkins 
Virginia AustinHer Seventh Death
Wayne D. PenneyPITCAIRN
Wayne NuessleThe Sway
Wes ClarkThe Last Drink
Whitney Crowder & Adam HardmanMysteries of the Desert 
William LucasStar Trek: Borderlands Part 1

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